Jamakin’ me crazy

Jamakin’ me crazy

One thing I haven’t explored much is Jamaican food, especially jerk chicken. Here I did a full 2 day marinade in the jerk sauce. Here’s the jerk recipe

Recipe Instructions

I couldn’t find fresh Scotch bonnets or habaneros, so instead used some picked habaneros I had on hand.

Went with local Glenwood, MN chicken courtesy of Kadejan farms.  Per the farm:

Kadejan chickens are allowed to free roam in a spacious and clean environment. We        believe in excellent sanitary practices that help our chickens to grow naturally on high      quality feed and fresh well water. To help our  birds stay healthy we use organic                oregano instead of vaccines and antibiotics.

Our family and friend growers have been with us since the beginning they ensure that      the chickens are treated and handled humanely from chick to chicken.

You can find it at the always awesome Seward Co-op.

Cook setup was a indirect over the coals (red pieces were just regular chicken):


Looking for 165 – 170 F internal temp on the breast. The thighs – you know, I never really worry about those. I don’t ever remember drying them out. High fat content really helps!

Here’s the ThermoPro dual probe I purchased from Amazon:

I also got some heat resistant gloves by Heat Guardian. Protects up to 932 F!

As the jerk sauce had a fair amount of brown sugar in it, you don’t want these over direct heat very long. They were put over the coals just for a couple minutes at the end to get a nice crispness on the skin:


Taste was spot on – bit of earthy tones up front, followed by a good heat at the end. Also put some of Pimento’s Kingston Kick BBQ at serving. If you haven’t eaten there check it out – really good and right on Eat St!


Pimento Kitchen


As a side I went with a basic peas and rice recipe. I really liked the coconut milk, but there was too much rice to peas (beans).


All said, this meal was a winner. Couple points for future:

  • use fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers in Jerk sauce
  • use only 1 cup uncooked rice to 2 cups beans
  • use dried beans/peas
  • experiment with making a fresh Scotch Bonnet hot sauce

Until next time, jerk chicken, Jamakin’ me crazy!

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