Baby Backs and a new camera

Baby Backs and a new camera

Welcome back! I inherited my fiance’s old phone, which on the camera is a BIG step up from my old phone. Pictures are looking a lot better, enjoy.

Decided on going after some really nice baby back ribs they has at the Seward Co-op yesterday. They look really good and one thing I notice is, these are not the colossal baby backs you get at larger big box grocers. Thinking I like that? You’ll also note the price per pound @ $6.99. That’s quite a lot, but for good reason – this is a small, local farm and not your mass produced pork!


Trying a method of Kosher salt for a couple hours first, then dry rub with NO salt:


On the dry rub, if you get a chance try the bulk Frontier spices at the Seward – really good and most are organic.

For the grill setup, going indirect heat, a nice chunk of mesquite wood, and about 1/3 chimney worth of coals.

Also, note the new dual probe thermometer – now I can get a temp read on both the meat and ambient of the grill.



Here’s the ThermoPro dual probe I purchased from Amazon:

I also got some heat resistant gloves by Heat Guardian. Protects up to 932 F!

It’s easy to use, has a backlight, and worked fine even in light rain.

Total cook time was ~ 2 hr 15 mins.




Honestly the taste on these was fantastic, but I should have wrapped them after 1 hour and let them go at 190-200 for a while.

Until next time, enjoy the grillin’ and chillin’ season!

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